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Victor Elementary School District
SPECIAL Board Meeting
WED, April 8, 2020, 11:45 am
District Office, 12219 2nd Ave., Victorville, CA

VISIONARY MISSION STATEMENT: VESD is committed to inspiring purposeful learners who create their futures with confidence, curiosity, innovation, and integrity through engaging learning experiences in safe environments within a supportive culture.

Reasonable Accommodation for any Individual with a Disability:
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the public meetings of the governing board may request assistance by contacting the office of the superintendent at (760) 245-1691.

Public documents relating to agenda items are available to the public at the Victor Elementary School District, office of the superintendent, 12219 Second Ave, Victorville, California.
Call To Order
Roll Call

Gabriel Stine, President; Allen Williams, Vice President; Gary Elder, Clerk; Joyce Chamberlain and Clayton Moore

Notice: Social Distancing Precautions

Board members will be participating via teleconference. If the public would like to comment prior to Closed Session or listen to the report of any action taken in the Closed Session, they may do so at the physical location of the meeting. Social distancing precautions will be in place.


Receive Public Verbal Comments Regarding Closed Session Items

This communication item is included on the agenda of each board meeting to provide an opportunity for citizens to make suggestions or identify concerns about matters affecting the district, or to suggest an item be scheduled for a future agenda. The board may not have complete information available to answer questions and may refer specific concerns to the staff for appropriate attention. The Board discusses personnel matters only in closed session. Should members of the public have a concern or complaint about District personnel, the Board requests that this be addressed through its complaint procedure; the form is available to the public with the agendas by the entrance to the board meeting room, rather than by comments during the opportunity for public comment. Should members of the public nevertheless discuss personnel matters during the opportunity for public comment, the Board will not respond to questions or comment on such matters. Speakers are cautioned that under California law, no person is immune from liability for making intentionally false or defamatory comments regarding any person simply because those comments are made at a public meeting.

Please limit comments to three minutes per individual. Total time for public input is limited to 45 minutes.






M_______ S_______ V_______


REGULAR SESSION - Immediately following Closed Session but no earlier than 11:50 a.m.



Report Actions Taken in Closed Session

Any actions taken in closed session above will be reported out to the public.



Time Adjourned: _____________________

M_____ S_____ V_____


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